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Spring 2015 registration is closed for all grades except 1st and 2nd grade boys.


Unfortunately uniforms have already been ordered.  While we still have room to add a few players for the 1st/2nd grade roster, we will not be able to order the standard sublimated reversible uniform.  That means that for anyone that decides to sign up, we will need to supply a pinnie and the new player will not match the other members of the team. 

Additional registrations should be completed by 3/14 as the site has been opened based on recent requests for 1st/2nd grade only.  It is important that new player selects 'have uniform' so the player will not be charged the $65 for a uniform.  Malverne Lax will provide a pinnie and shorts for $30 fee. The $30 can be paid when the player receives the pinnie and shorts.  The only thing required right now is to confirm that interested players have registered by Sunday (fee= $55 plus $25 for us lax) and send a copy of the birth certificate.